Who is eligible to enter the Walgreens Expressions Challenge?

Open only to legal United States residents of the Chicago metropolitan area of Illinois or the St. Louis metropolitan area of Missouri who are teens in high school as of date of entry.

I already entered the Walgreens Expressions Challenge in previous years. Can I enter this year’s contest?

Yes, as long as you were not selected as a winner, you can enter the contest.

When can I enter the Walgreens Expressions Challenge?

You can officially enter the contest starting on 10/1 through 11/30 at www.ExpressionsChallenge.com.

How do you enter the Walgreens Expressions Challenge?

During the contest period, you may enter the contest online or via mail. The official rules, regulations and entry criteria will be available on 10/1 atwww.ExpressionsChallange.com.

What are the judging criteria?

The judging criteria are as follows:

Expressions Challenge judging takes place in three rounds: 1) Public Vote, 2) Preliminary Judging, and 3) Expert Panel Judging. Winners for this contest will be selected by either (a) public voting (b) private judging or (c) a combination of the two. The winners selected are at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.


1. Public Voting — Public Voting is open to the public. Entries which adhere to the contest qualifications and official rules will be posted in the Contest section of the Expressions Challenge website (www.ExpressionsChallenge.com) within 24 hours of submission. Entrants are invited to share their entry with family, friends, teachers, peers, and social networks to vote for their entry. Public Voting is a weighted vote. Entries which meet the qualifications and official rules will proceed to the Preliminary Judging round. Public Voting ends prior to the start of the Preliminary Judging.


2. Preliminary Judging – Preliminary Judging is a private judging round administered by the sponsor. In each category (Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Media Arts), the top 30 entries are selected for a total of 90 entries in Chicago and 90 entries in St. Louis. The Expert Panel of Judges in the respective markets will review the 90 runner-ups.


3. Expert Panel Judging – Expert Panel Judging is the final private judging round administered by the sponsor. In each market, Chicago and St. Louis, a panel of experts, comprised of medical professionals, civic leaders, and accomplished artists and writers, are selected to judge the 90 runner-up entries. This Expert Panel of Judges is responsible for identifying the top two finalists per category (Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Media Arts) for a total of six finalists in their respective market.

When will the winners be notified?

The winners will be notified of their qualification as a finalist in December by phone and email communication. Winnings will be distributed in January during a private award ceremony for finalists and their guests where they will be recognized and receive their winnings in the Chicago and St. Louis area.