“Being Alone ft. Athalia Barrett” by Gabrielle Barrett

Check out, “Being Alone ft. Athalia Barrett” by Gabrielle Barrett the 2016 Walgreens Expressions Challenge 2nd Place Winner for Chicago, IL.   View Below:

Bully Me Why?

By: Kiavonni Monger, Jennings Senior High (Edited by Expressions Challenge) Bully, why can’t you see the pain at home already makes me cry? I come to school to get away but you hurt me worse with the words you say. Following me up and down the halls, laughing at the names I’m being called.

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By Christa Zhang, University City High School
(Edited by Expressions Challenge)
What is beauty when we don’t even see beauty in ourselves? What is talent when we are all convinced that we aren’t good at anything? And more importantly, who are we, when we aren’t even aware of our self-worth? 90% of girls want to

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A Walk in Stangers’ Shoes

By Tiffany Watkins, Carnahan High School of the Future
(Edited by Expressions Challenge)
Express yourself because no one can do it better
Don’t listen to the negativity just keep climbing the ladder
Regardless of what happens be happy that you’re around
To watch others cheer up that used to be down
Stop telling yo

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Escape to a World by Ryshaun Brown

Escape to a World by Ryshaun Brown Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, 10th Grade St. Louis, MO Escape to a world within the mind, where your future is yours and your past falls behind. A world you create where low self-esteem doesn’t exist.

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10 Easy and Creative Valentines

Ready for Valentines Day? You don’t need to spend lots of time and money creating the perfect valentine for your loved ones. Here are a few creative ideas:     1. Puzzle Valentines- They are in-expensive and playful.   2.

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Inner Cosmos by Finalist Mariam Keita

Poem by Chicago Finalist Mariam Keita
Winnie Mandela Options High School
Inner Cosmos
The shine of your star is fading
The glitter in your eyes is dimming The pride in your body is crumbling The hope in your heart is dying
A star has descended from the dark sky Falling down over a million miles away Then you come to

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What is Respect? by Finalists Alex Panchot & Reid Doctor

By St. Louis Finalists Alex Panchot and Reid Doctor Metro High School What is respect? What is respect? Respect is an integral part of everyday human interaction. Respect can be towards anyone and anything, but the understanding of respect is the problem for today’s youth.

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The Dark Room by Finalist Courtney Pugh

The following is a poem by Chicago Finalist Courtney Pugh Homewood Flossmoor High School “The Darkroom” There are pictures that I took and then pictures that were taken, planted in my mind and easily mistaken. The ones that I took I like to hide, and bury them deep for no one to find.

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