The Walgreens Expressions Challenge Initiative

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge program was launched at the suggestion of the Walgreens Community Task Force. The group was alarmed by the rising incidents of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV and AIDS, among high school students ages 14 to 18. How, the group wondered, could students find creative ways to express themselves about some very serious topics while also becoming better connected to their peers in the process?

At its core, the Expressions Challenge is about guiding students to make better life choices about their overall health and well-being. There is no means of expression more personal or self-revelatory than art. By combining artistic expression with individual student research, Expressions empowers students to positively influence their classmates, school and community. Teens are encouraged to use their voice through art to communicate their perspective on topics including bullying, self-esteem and sexual responsibility.

Walgreens—a company dedicated to helping people get, stay and live well—is proud to help students find their authentic voice on these sensitive issues. We’re equally proud Expressions has become a counterbalance for the sometimes-idealized images and unrealistic expectations around personal relationships. Students have never before received such unlimited access to information and the power to communicate this information globally. We think the peer-to-peer messages students are sending via the Walgreens Expressions Challenge are on point and being heard loudly and clearly around the world.

Want to know how to get involved with the Expressions Challenge Contest? View the Expressions Challenge video to see how to participate.

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